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Alexandra Raben, an upcoming designer from Denmark, is known for her unique ”Intricate” lamps.

In 2012 she graduated from TEKO Design & Business and exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2013. Here the light series was shown for the first time and nominated for Rookie of the Year by Plaza Magazine. Subsequently, the lamps have been exhibited at the London Design Week, Design Trade in Copenhagen, the Danish Embassy in Berlin, Designer’s Saturday in Oslo and Select Design in Austria.

All lamps are handmade by the designer herself using fine needles, usually used in the fishing industry and they are 100% locally produced by Danish smiths and yarn suppliers. Alexandra was in 2014 nominated in the Arts and Crafts category by Boligmagasinets Design Awards.

Studies of patterns, Peruvian weaving techniques and inspiration found in feathers and contrasts led me to Intricate – meaning very complex or detailed and is the exact description of this lamp. Intricate is a confrontation with mass production and monotony. The design underlines that there has to be space for the fine unique objects that require patience and fascinating craftsmanship. The Intricate lamp series is a composition of the delicate and textural with the hard and industrial. The semi transparency of the lamps leave you with playful and beautiful shadows that support the elegant and delicate filigree design. The Intricate lamps express a poetic story about the meeting between soft textiles and raw industrial through the interesting contrasts in the material selection.


The series includes different shapes, colours and sizes and can be customised to suit any specific wishes and are ordered directly through the designer. The lamps are 100% handmade and consist of a steel frame with coiled wire, cotton or linen yarn handwoven through each coil to form a thin surface of patterns, finished off with brass bulb holders and linen wire.

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